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29th April 2021

Supporting clients through Children Act proceedings

Lisa Ball

Going through court proceedings in respect of your children is daunting for any parent and instructing a solicitor will ensure that you understand the legal processes and achieve the best outcome for you and your children.

Children Act proceedings

Should you need to make an application to the court we can draft the application for you to ensure all relevant information is contained within it and lodge the same with the court.  We can also assist you in preparing family law protocol compliant bundles to ensure that the court has everything they require for the hearing to be effective.

It may be that your ex-partner has made the application to court, in which case we would be able to advise you on its contents and ensure you are prepared for the upcoming hearing.

The next stage would be to represent you at the hearing itself, this will ensure that your position is set out to the court eloquently and ensuring all points are covered so you feel you have had a voice in relation to what is best for your children.

As well as representing you in court we will be in a position to advise you and help you navigate through the often complex process of implementing directions such as drafting statements or instructing experts.  At every step we can ensure you understand the legal terminology which can in itself be daunting.  Instructing a solicitor also means that you do not need to correspond directly with your ex-partner which can alleviate some of the stresses following a difficult breakup.

Aside from the essential role set out above, I believe that there is another important role for a solicitor during court proceedings, which is to listen and provide emotional support during these difficult times.  It is a key skill of a solicitor to be able to deal with clients with compassion and understanding and be here for you and on your side at a time when you will no doubt be dealing with a number of conflicting emotions.   During family court proceedings you may have times where you doubt your judgment when questioned by your ex-partner or other family members.  A solicitor provides the perfect sounding board for these moments and will provide you with honest guidance when you are unsure what approach to take.

In addition, where you require additional support beyond our expertise, we can refer you to other agencies such as domestic violence services, drug and alcohol services and counsellors.

When instructing a family solicitor it is important that you ensure you instruct someone with whom you can develop a positive rapport.  As a parent myself, I very much understand the desire to achieve what is best for your children as well as understanding the practical needs of children at different developmental stages. I feel this gives a greater depth to the advice I provide to my clients on children matters.

I have undertaken children work for many years now working on and it is something I feel passionately about.  I have dealt with cases featuring complex issues including domestic violence, social services involvement and parental alienation.   I have also acted for children through their Guardian to represent their position and views in court proceedings.  As a result of my expertise in this area I have been admitted as am a member of the Law Society’s Children’s Panel.

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