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Innovative & cost-effective claims management

Working with Insurers, Managing General Agents, Loss Adjusters, Solicitors, Third Party Administrators and Self-Insured entities, TBRN ensures a customer-focused service is delivered in the most cost-effective manner.

We manage the entire property claims process on your behalf. This not only removes the administrative burden of dealing with claims, but allows us to utilise our specialist buildings knowledge throughout the process. In addition, our services provide brand protection, particularly in cases where decisions on liability must be taken.

Innovative & cost-effective claims management

Our services

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General Insurance

We provide the complete management of both domestic and commercial property claims. Our experienced Surveyors, Technical and Claims Concierge Teams, identify the correct settlement route at the earliest opportunity and then proactively manage each claim based around the needs of the customer and the nature of the damage.

We ensure that all valid claims are settled quickly and efficiently, whilst treating customers fairly, enabling them to better understand the options around their preferred route of settlement.

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Third Party Property Damage

TBRN handles property damage arising from Motor and PL claims, where liability is not in dispute. On behalf of our clients, we proactively manage both claims spend and lifecycle in addition to protecting brand identity. Our early involvement and our structural and insurance expertise, ensures that we are able to reach an early agreement of the true repair cost.

Where liability may be in question, we are also able to provide a detailed technical report to assist in negotiations.

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We provide high level consultancy services to clients in relation to property claims. We carry out both inspection and defect diagnosis of a property, both inherent and peril related. These include:

  • Building sum insured and value at risk calculations
  • Structural assessments – all defects, including subsidence
  • Roof inspection and reporting – using either telescopic cameras or UAVs (Drones)
  • Damp / timber surveys
  • Non-intrusive trace and access assessments
  • Cavity wall surveys
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Project Management

Our project management offering provides both clients and their customers with a specialist project manager, who will oversee the entire process. They will manage aspects such as planning and design, CDM and party wall matters, pricing and tendering, as well as inspections of the work on site through to its conclusion.

The project manager assigned to a claim will act in an independent capacity. Their primary concern is to ensure the efficient and effective conclusion of the repair, guaranteeing that the best interests of all parties are upheld and that regulatory requirements are met, managed and recorded.

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Value Engineering

Value Engineering is a systematic and structured approach developed by TBRN to minimise indemnity spend without reducing quality or service, and is designed to benefit all stakeholders.

On average, Value Engineering delivers a 12% plus saving over and above the indemnity savings ordinarily being achieved as part of our normal validation process. All our contractors are actively encouraged to adopt these principles which are monitored on a continuous basis.

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We are proud to be accredited members of the FSQS (Financial Services Qualification System) community, which demonstrates we have been validated and vetted in our compliance with stringent financial industry standards.

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